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Posted by
Ralf Kesper (Fröndenberg, Germany) on 26 September 2011 in Sport & Recreation.



Chris Pereira from San Francisco, California, United States

great photo, I like the way the plant and the globe and the ship add life to the scene

26 Sep 2011 5:05am

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Looks good! But, I like TV, too. ;-)

26 Sep 2011 5:49am

JacklineG from Béarn, France

Un petit coin comme on a tous, où on entasse nos souvenirs et tout ce que l'on aime !

26 Sep 2011 5:55am

Priscilla from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beautiful! I'm sure there are some great books there for your entertainment.

26 Sep 2011 6:16am

Nazzareno from Rome, Italy

the rationality of books and the fantasy of ships.... you have everything you need!

26 Sep 2011 6:17am

Shaahin Bahremand from Tehran, Iran

wow ! I like books and I have many of these.

26 Sep 2011 6:20am

Stefan from Thiersee, Austria

Hast du die etwa alle schon gelesen..RESPEKT!!

26 Sep 2011 6:25am

@Stefan: ja, und die andere Hälfte steht im Keller :-))

kitty from Seoul, South Korea

The best way to be entertained ^^

26 Sep 2011 6:34am

franz from Baden, Austria

kann ich nur unterstreichen! und noch dazu alles so schön auf einem billy-regal angeordnet ... ;-))

26 Sep 2011 7:49am

@franz: nein, kein billy ... ist aus ´nem Baumarkt (Obi). War viel billiger. Nur der Holzkasten oben drauf ist von IKEA :-))

cathy from liege, Belgium

La lecture ne manque pas ?

26 Sep 2011 8:07am

@cathy: Sorry, I can´t understand french...and my google translator give me about your sentence only rubbish.

London Caller from London, United Kingdom

Wow, you have a huge collection of books!

26 Sep 2011 9:15am

Florence from Paris, France

Much better true. There is so many to read ! :-)))

26 Sep 2011 9:26am

Jean-Luc T. from Juignac, France

Just to take up a few days...

26 Sep 2011 9:52am

Jules from Drayton, United Kingdom

where's the on swith? lol

26 Sep 2011 10:09am

@Jules: Inside my head! *fg

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

A lot of books.. big collection.

26 Sep 2011 11:03am

Elaine Hancock from Rockville, United States

Beautiful ship models!

26 Sep 2011 11:17am

PRASHANT from Mumbai, India

Great collection....Nicely maintained.

26 Sep 2011 11:24am

Mariana M. from Waterloo, Canada

yes, better than TV

26 Sep 2011 12:08pm

Laurie from Prescott, United States

Wonderful shote of your library! Great lighting. Much better than TV!

26 Sep 2011 12:29pm

Karine from Loiret, France

You might be very busy for a long long time, if you have to read all these books :-)
Good luck

26 Sep 2011 12:32pm

JPS from Le Havre, France

and bookworm, I suppose ???

26 Sep 2011 1:27pm

Goddess ☼ Ƹl¡ from Tehran, Iran

I love it !

26 Sep 2011 1:54pm

Bhushan from kudal, India

...better, than TV I agree. Nice library.

26 Sep 2011 2:19pm

Don - Slackwater from Spokane, United States

I like your personal library! I hope the "book" doesn't go away in this digital age of ebooks.

26 Sep 2011 2:54pm

@Don - Slackwater: I hope that too. E-books are a new way to Orwell.

Roman from Thiersee, Austria

ja, hast schon recht! olle fernsehgesellschaft.
hatte im urlaub doch tatsächlich auch wieder mal die zeit und muse, ein gutes buch zu lesen ... und es hat spaß gemacht ;-)

26 Sep 2011 3:00pm

Kat from Lorraine, France

Voici une bibliothèque superbement rangée !

26 Sep 2011 4:01pm

Victoria from Sweden

Nice photo!

26 Sep 2011 4:09pm

Loner from Wörgl, Austria

. . . . ganz schön belesen !

26 Sep 2011 4:15pm

@Loner: Sind auch ein paar Comics dabei ;-)

klausZ from Kufstein, Austria

meine kinder würden sagen ... und wo ist der fernseher oder ... hast du dir die bilder alle downgeloadet! :D

26 Sep 2011 4:36pm

klausZ from Kufstein, Austria

... sorry wollte bücher schreiben statt bilder! ;-)

26 Sep 2011 4:36pm

@klausZ: Im Urlaub habe ich Maite ihre Märchen aus einem E-Book vorgelesen. War ein App auf dem I-Phone. Das war echt praktisch. Doch zuhause will die lieber ihre Märchen mit schönen Bildern illustriert sehen. Aber die ist auch echt Fernsehkrank ;-(

Willem from Noord-Scharwoude, Netherlands

A lot of books, and?? do You read everything yet!!
Nicely photographed.

26 Sep 2011 5:21pm

Manola from Bassens, France

.... I love a nice idea. and it is warm and clear ..

26 Sep 2011 5:37pm

Francisco Romero from Carbajal de la Legua, Spain

Great lighting and WB. Original subject for a beautiful image.

26 Sep 2011 6:01pm

TheoJ from Emden, Germany

Das ist mal ein abwechslungsreiches Unterhaltungsprogramm, da ist TV eigentlich überflüssig :-)

26 Sep 2011 6:28pm

Laurent from not far from Lyon, France

apparently you arrived to your maximum knowledge... or you have to buy new bookcases ;o)

26 Sep 2011 6:49pm

@Laurent: I have many books stored in boxes in the cellar too.

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

A very nice program : I like books a lot

26 Sep 2011 6:52pm

kiwisa from North Shore, New Zealand

Enjoy it - the time will come when we don't have access to books anymore- it will all be digital.

26 Sep 2011 7:08pm

@kiwisa: In two thousand years ago, when archaeologists dig up our civilization ... they will find nothing. Only a lot of silver disks. And they will think that this disks are be only a part of the many many trash, what they find all over in the earthlayer of our age. Perhaps they think that this disks are be saucers for coffeecups. They find a world without pictures, without scripts, with nothing in our graves... only rubbish. They will find more artefacts of the egypt- and roman culture, than from this time today.

Loukas from Ilioupolis, Greece

And plenty of options!

26 Sep 2011 7:19pm

marci from in, Morocco

I'd like to browse to see what you have!

26 Sep 2011 7:31pm

Ted from South Wales, United Kingdom

close-up of the titles next?

26 Sep 2011 7:35pm

@Ted: and marci: A lot of historical- and philosophic literature, even about politics. Many encyclopedias, atlases, travelguides and biographies, even many novells, books about motorcycles, dogs, sailing and photographic. Some comics and cartoons and art picture books...and cooking books of different cultures. And some about erotic, esoteric and religions.

Melocoton from Salamanca, Spain

very nice

26 Sep 2011 7:38pm

Tamara from Aarschot, Belgium

Excellent tones... A lot of reading pleasure for the winter evenings ! I like your boats, they're very beautiful ! Have a wonderful evening :)

26 Sep 2011 7:58pm

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

In addition to doing lots of reading, I'm a great believer in actual books. Not digital books (tho they do have their place). There is nothing like holding a book in your hands, reading and turning the pages. Smells good, feels good, looks good in the bookcase. Yours sure do.

26 Sep 2011 8:32pm

@Viewfinder: Yes...I agree with you. And I like also my good old vinyl music equipment. This is stuff with soul!

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Slowly but surely TV is going by the wayside. And I will say that I will never let a Kindle take over a great book to pick up and read.

26 Sep 2011 8:35pm

@Steven: TV is not ever bad. Channels like the Discovery are well. But the mainprogramm is only a stupiciding program, so that people forget the independent thinking; for desinformation, that the people loses there interesting for politics, business and culture; just for the real truth. And to launch a commercial bombardment.

Gary from Cochise County, United States

I bet you have some pretty interesting reading there. The world needs to get back to picking up more books.

26 Sep 2011 8:55pm

@Gary: Well, but the truth is even not always printed in books. Publishers are also capitalists and often also involved in the television. An example is Rupert Murdoch. In Italy the people is reading a lot of books to get truly informations, because in al TV-channels, newspapers and magazines is Bunga-Bunga-Berlusconi involved. Now he makes pressure on independent book publishers.

Landy from Miami, United States

good angle chosen and very pleasant color processing temperature good work greetings

26 Sep 2011 9:40pm

curieuzeneuzemosterdpot from Belgium

yes, this is much better than tv! :-))

*sit down and enjoy the photo*

26 Sep 2011 9:52pm

Adela Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

A corner of those untouchable ... I have some titles! Coincidences between people who love photography may?

26 Sep 2011 10:24pm

Cruz from exurbia, United States

but where’s the camera? A little slice of your life!

26 Sep 2011 10:53pm

@Cruz: The camera? Under my pillow! :-)

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Definitely better than TV. Thanks for sharing!

26 Sep 2011 11:07pm

J.R. from Ginowan, Japan

Beats watching TV and editing pictures in photoshop (LOL!)

26 Sep 2011 11:19pm

Ralf Kesper from Attendorn, Germany

26 Sep 2011 11:23pm

Fraucha from Ukraine

Books beat TV any day!

27 Sep 2011 4:18am

thami from Fès, Morocco

La lecture est un voyage qui nous ouvre sur les autres et sur le monde! C'est pour cela que j'apprécie la mappemonde et le voilier sur le haut de la bibliothèque....
Bonne fin de journée!

28 Sep 2011 5:47pm

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

haha, sehr schön! der größte Vorteil vs. Tv - man kann sich die Wiederholungen selber aussuchen ;)

1 Oct 2011 10:19am